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The Boy Scouts of America National Council and Headquarters is located in Irving, Texas. The National Council is the governing body of the scouting program in the United States. They set policy, offer national awards, organize national jamborees, maintain national high-adventure camps, and define the scouting program. Registration and membership support, program and literature development, advancement support, liability insurance, and maintaining program consistency across the country are some of the many services provided by the National Council.

For administrative and organizational purposes, the National Council divides the United States into 4 geographic groups each know as a Region and maintains leadership and management teams for each. Regional management works as liaisons between councils and the Boy Scout National Council. A region provides direct support to its councils in the areas of fund raising, program, computers, and administration.

Regions are further divided in groups known as an Area that are comprised of councils generally located in a common geographic vicinity. The Regional Staff provides direct support to the leaders in each Area who in turn provide direct support to the Councils that they individually serve.  The Area is managed by a team of 3 leaders: the Area President (volunteer), the Area Commissioner (volunteer) and the Area Director (professional).  The Area Director maintains contact with the Scout Executives in all the Councils within their Area and provides support as needed. The Area President administers and manages the Area Committee and provides support to Council Presidents, Council Board Members and other key leaders within the Area and local Councils. The Area Commissioner works closely with each Council Commissioner within the Area’s local Councils.

Area 2 is one of 6 Areas that make up the Northeast Region of the Boy Scouts of America. It is comprised of 11 local Boy Scout Councils located in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. CLICK HERE to see a list of the Councils in Area 2.

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